On-the-go pots enjoy rising demand, but frozen and online groceries suffer as shopper habits return to normal

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From firm favourites such as instant noodle pots to quinoa salads, the freeze dry specialist is seeing a rising demand for ingredients used in on-the-go meal pots, with enquiries up 30% since offices started to reopen in spring.

Across Europe, workers are returning to offices with more consistency, with UK government data showing 60% of workers are now back in their regular workplace. The return of office workers has also led to an increase in city centre footfall and a fresh demand for ready to eat on-the-go food, according to European Freeze Dry.

Diana Morris, Country Manager UK for European

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Poundland UK: Store rolls out frozen food service and new layout to more branches – list

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Poundland has updated what stock is sold in stores as it rolls out more ranges. This is the full list of branches.

By Autumn, the number of stores offering the service could rise to 250 and there may be as many as 500 branches with the frozen range in two years time.

This means customers can pick up even more items when browsing.

The chilled and frozen sections will be filled with groceries such as ready-meals, pizzas, frozen desserts and ice creams.

The retailer has also updated the layout of some branches to account for larger shopping trips.


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Stop Wasting So Much Money and Get a Standalone Freezer Already

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Considering that food prices continue to rise—up 2.4% in the last year—you might be feeling the pinch with your food budget. One way to tackle those costs is by making the most out of a standalone freezer. Food staples like meat or bread are cheaper when bought in bulk and can last for months in a freezer, and could save just under $100 in grocery costs each month.

How standalone freezers can save you money

Since food tends to be cheaper when bought in bulk, you’ll save more money if you

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Poundland rolls out frozen food expansion to more stores – and has cheeky dig at Iceland

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Poundland is pushing ahead with the summer rollout of its chilled and frozen food ranges – with a cheeky dig at retail rival Iceland.

The brand is poised to pass the 200-store mark for frozen food in the next few weeks as it continues ‘Project Diamond Ice’.

The latest expansion will see frozen goods added to the store at Flintshire Retail Park in Flint, which they make a point of saying is “a few miles from the head office of Iceland Foods”.

A spokesman said it was “throwing down the gauntlet” to

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Delivery service FastAF expands into frozen

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Dive Brief:

  • FastAF, a delivery service for premium products, announced last week its expansion into the frozen category.
  • The app now carries items from frozen dessert brand Coolhaus, Chloe’s Fruit Pops, craft ice cream company Marco and others in all of FastAF’s markets: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.
  • In the coming weeks, FastAF plans to add more products, like savory meals and snacks from Chef Bombay, Nuggs, Cappello’s and more, to its frozen category, according to a press release.

Dive Insight:

With its frozen category launch, FastAF is taking on a segment that has long-faced stigmas

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