Food Network Star’s Popcorn Salad Recipe Has Social Media Up in Arms

Will Kreznick

Food Network is home to a stable of talented chefs, many of whom like to push the boundaries of culinary creativity. Molly Yeh is one of the network’s newest stars, and her show Girl Meets Farm premiered in 2018. But one of her popcorn creations has gone viral, and the jokes are lighting up the internet.

Food Network host Molly Yeh of ‘Girl Meets Farm’ speaks during the Summer 2019 TCA Tour | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images for Discovery

Molly Yeh has a popcorn salad recipe on Food Network

Food Network features a video of Molly Yeh in the kitchen whipping

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The Food Network’s Recipe for Popcorn Salad Is Branded a ‘Monstrosity’

Will Kreznick

A recipe for a popcorn salad is dividing opinion online after it was shared by The Food Network.

While you can buy both sweet and savoury popcorn, one chef, Molly Yeh, has taken it to the next level by adding it to vegetables with a dressing.

Cookbook author Yeh explained it’s an “iconic midwestern dish”, which calls for snap peas, shallots, carrots and celery with a mayonnaise dressing – not forgetting the popcorn.

In a video shared on The Food Network‘s Facebook page, she calls the salad “so midwestern, so quirky and so delicious.”

Yeh starts by seasoning

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People Are Horrified Over Woman’s Popcorn Salad Recipe

Will Kreznick

Cooking is a really fun vocation because you can technically do whatever you want with the food and utensils in front of you.

While it might taste absolutely horrible, it doesn’t mean you can’t mix unconventional flavours together and see what happens.

But one woman’s recipe for a popcorn salad has really lit up social media and people have some opinions.

Molly Yeh has uploaded her method for making the fun, simple, crunchy and apparently delicious salad that has a lot of unlikely food combinations.

We’ll chuck the recipe below if you’re keen to conjure this up in your own

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Ina Garten Revealed Her Favorite Comfort Food — and the Recipe Is So Easy

Will Kreznick

Ina Garten has made millions from her easy recipes and likeable personality. The Food Network chef is the host of Barefoot Contessa, and between her show and her cookbook, she’s become a household name.

Garten loves comfort food, but she has one dish that she absolutely can’t resist.

‘Barefoot Contessa’ star Ina Garten | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

Ina Garten wasn’t planning to become a chef

Garten actually once worked in the White House, where she was a member of the Office of Management and Budget. Though Garten had a good career, it wasn’t fulfilling, and she wanted to

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Fancy Feast Released A Cookbook For Humans

Will Kreznick

I’ve often wondered if our pets crave the same foods we do or if they just want what we have on the table because they don’t have it in their bowls. Well, the tables seemed to have turned because cat food brand Fancy Feast put together a cookbook for humans inspired by their new line of cat food.

I personally believe eating a meal with no one but my dog next to me is not eating a meal alone, so if you happen to believe the same about your cat, this is a good way to cook yourself something similar

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