Why the Filet-O-Fish Is My Gold Standard for Fast Food

Will Kreznick

One of the first Chinese McDonald’s opened on April 23, 1992, in Beijing, the largest in the world, at the time. I never got to eat there: My mother was busy packing our things. Two weeks after it opened, she and I were on a plane bound for Montreal to join my father, who was then completing a postdoc that would leave him broke for years. What I remember most from that period was how little we did. My mother worked weekend shifts at a sock factory, while my father took over at home. He studied in our one-bedroom apartment,

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This Popular Fast-Food Chain Just Announced an Expansion Into Walmart

Will Kreznick

Fast-food chain Nathan’s Famous has just announced an expansion to 100 new locations this year, and many of them are expected to be located in Walmart stores.

According to a press release, the hot-dog chain is partnering with Ghost Kitchen Brands (GKB), a company that operates ghost kitchens inside Walmarts across Canada in order to bring customers food from fast-food brands like The Cheesecake Factory Bakery, Monster Cupcakes, and Quiznos.

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The collaboration will bring Nathan’s menu items, including those of their recently launched virtual brand Wings of New

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Best Pacific Northwest Fast Food Restaurants & Chains

Will Kreznick

Banh mi drive-thrus, Indian nachos, and more.

Much of serving food fast comes from consistency and bulk sourcing, things that go against the very ethos of Pacific Northwest cuisine. It’s hard to imagine how places that pride themselves on using Oregon beef in their burgers and meeting the seafood standards of Seattleites could translate to South Carolina and South America the way Burger King does. But it wouldn’t be the Northwest way to keep the delightfully fresh fruit shakes and sodas to ourselves, and so we hope that someday everyone lives within craving-distance of fresh-baked banh mi drive-thrus, affordable Indian

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Where to Score the Cheapest 4/20 Food Deals When You’re, Like, Really High

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As more states legalize cannabis, restaurants are increasingly offering deals on April 20, aka 4/20, aka the day of cannabis celebration that seems increasingly destined to become less about civil disobedience and more about fast food chains selling you on the hedonic properties of fast food. And in that spirit, here’s a look at some blunt-friendly deals you can take advantage of in celebration of this highest of holidays.

Blaze Pizza

The create-your-own pizza chain will upgrade you to its thicker, $2 high-rise for free, until April 26, via their Rewards Club

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McDonald’s, Subway Struggle to Find Workers, Forcing Changes

Will Kreznick
  • Fast-food chains are keeping dining rooms closed and cutting hours due to a lack of workers. 
  • Some employees who have been hired are working extra hours, resulting in more mistakes and burnout. 
  • “Everyone … is struggling to keep stores open from lack of staff,” said a Subway franchisee.
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As COVID-19 cases decline and safety restriction loosen, fast-food chains are looking to return to business as usual. 

There is just one problem — they cannot find enough workers. 

“We are struggling to get people,” one McDonald’s franchisee told Insider. 

“I don’t have enough,” added

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